I am a single mom, experienced administrator, passionate advocate, and an auntie to many. After decades serving the community as a school principal and teacher, I am running for Fort Bend County Commissioner to bring a fresh, holistic perspective to our government.

Together, let’s send the first mom to Commissioner’s Court!

Meet Kiran

Born and raised in the rural Indian state of Haryana, Kiran contracted polio as a child and was left partially paralyzed. But Kiran always kept going.

She learned English as her fourth language, and immigrated to Texas in pursuit of the American Dream and a better future for her children. She was given a full ride to UT Austin where she obtained a Master’s of Education – all while working full-time and raising two children.

Now, Kiran is a middle school principal and administrator, where she works to make sure children like yours get the resources they need to thrive and live out their dreams.

Three Priorities for Precinct 3

Kiran has a plan for that!

Ensure Accessibility, Mobility & Safety

It is unbelievable that parts of this community have no sidewalks and unsafe roads, our transit options are unreliable, and our first responders don’t have competitive benefits.

Invest in Fort Bend's Future

We deserve breathable air and drinkable water, high quality health care and safe schools, reliable cell service and an inclusive government. And we deserve a sustainable, disaster-resilient community.

Develop Communities for Everybody

Our kids are pursuing opportunities elsewhere. We need to create job opportunities here in Precinct 3, and build places to live that are attractive to young people such as mixed-use development.